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Quality policy

The management of OEC WEST HOSTEL Zrt. has committed itself to the continuous operation and development of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
We are increasing the satisfaction of our customers and achieving the projected business results through the employment of process- and system-oriented, certified management systems.
Active sales & marketing activities that react sensitively to changing global trends are essential in order to reach our customers and exploit our capacities ever more efficiently.
In the centre of our activities is the realization of a thought process the aim of which is the constant exploration of the demands of customers (students and hostel guests), meeting these demands flexibly and to the greatest extent possible, and permanently enhancing their sense of satisfaction.
In order to comprehend customer requirements and to develop processes, the organization has made risk-based thinking a part of our activities in the course of planning and operating processes.
To achieve this we employ dedicated managers and experts sensitive to the provision of quality services who are capable of employing the very latest know-how, professionals who are team players, speak foreign languages, have initiative and effectively integrate and direct the work of employees, and we consistently develop their expertise to attain this goal.
The standard of our service is determined both by its performance and the state of the infrastructure. It is in all our interests to preserve this in the long term and, given the opportunity, develop it.
This is why we expect all our colleagues and sub-contractors to display a commitment towards this end in the interest of creating a high standard of service.
We would like to remain a popular hall of residence, therefore through the constant expansion of services we intend to become an attractive and indispensible ‘home’ for students.
Meeting these criteria strengthens the reputation of OEC WEST HOSTEL Zrt. and contributes to achieving the goals we have set ourselves.
Debrecen, 15 April 2016
Zsuzsánna Gönczi

Contact Us

Get directions: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98. Call us: +36 (52) 532 348
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