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Home#Dormitory Policy of OEC WEST HOSTEL

#Dormitory Policy of OEC WEST HOSTEL

 House Rules of OEC  WEST  Hostel
Those students can become the tenant of the OEC WEST Hostel who – according to preliminary consultation - has made a contract with the OEC WEST Hostel Zrt., and has accepted the contents of the contract by signing it.
1. The contractual students are obliged to fill in a registration form at the reception upon arrival. The apartments are allowed to be used only by those students who are officially registered. Every student is obliged to go through the room inventory with one of the representative of the Hostel in 3 days after the arrival, and after that both parties should confirm it with their signature. Every student should report any kind of damage or breakdown at the reception within 24 hour after moving into the rooms. Otherwise the inventory will be used for the settlement. When moving in or out the equipment should be looked through according to the inventory and than should be handed over.  After the day of arrival the student is obliged to comply with his/her liabilities in connection with reporting the place of residence with the assistant for his/her own interest. The assistant prepares all the necessary documents with which the student is obliged to appear at the Immigration office. When his/her Hostel status terminates student has to check out from the address of the Hostel. Opening hours: 8-12 am, on workdays.
2. The operator of the Hostel will take the responsibility for only those jewels, cash, and securities which are put in the safe at the reception and whose value doesn’t exceed 500 000 Ft. we would like to draw the students’ attention to the fact that the Hostel will not take any responsibility for those valuables which aren’t reported! (when reporting the valuables their identifiers should be marked in the contract) It is advisable for the tenants to make an own insurance on such valuables as laptops. The Tenant has to keep his/her valuables ( money, jewellery, laptop etc) in the safe at the reception or in  the room in a closeable wardrobe!
3. The tenant bears financial responsibility for the proper use of the room and for the pieces equipment, which are on the inventory. The damage done in these should be paid by the person who is responsible for it.
The only possible way to change apartments, rearrange, transform, or change the character of the rooms: is to ask for permission at the director’s office and modify the contract.
4. All rooms should be used properly. Students mustn’t damage or stick anything on the doors, walls, furniture of the rooms, corridors, and common rooms. Information or advertisements of public utility can only be put on the notice board. Decoration in the rooms can be put only to those surfaces which are set for this purpose. It is forbidden to take anything from the common rooms to the apartment because of risk of accidents!
5. Every student is obliged to keep his/her apartment in order and to preserve its character and neatness, and also to live his/her life in accordance with the hygienic expectations because of their own interest (e.g.: not to store garbage for too long, but take it to the dustbins down in the basement).  The cleaning stuff is not responsible to wash the personal dishes of the tenant, and is not responsible to take the garbage from the room, the tenant has to do it personally.The operator will clean the apartments each week and in every two weeks provide bed-linen change at a previously given time. The change of mattress cover and the cleaning of the bedcover is not part of the weekly cleaning or of the changing bedclothes, the operator will do it at every half year (mattress cover) and once a year ( bedcover ). The student is obliged to ensure the opportunity to clean his/her apartment at the time given in the notice. It can be done by making order and packing up. Cleaning doesn’t cover the personal belongings of the students. The staff in charge will do the cleaning and the change of the bed-linen at the given time even if the tenant is not present. This person will check the state of equipment and the proper usage. The students can ask for changing their towels at the warden’s office, each week, on Wednesday, between 11.00 and 13.00.  
6. At the clinic area it is prohibited to take any animal in because of sanitary reasons. It is prohibited to take any bicycles to the building; the students can place their bicycles in an enclosed way, at the room that is appointed for this purpose.
7. From 11 pm till 7 am in the rooms, corridors, and common rooms (study rooms, chat rooms, balconies) such silence should be ensured that allows comfortable studying and rest-taking.
8. The main entrance of the Hostel is open 24-hour a day. Students, who stay in the Hostel, must use the electronic entering system properly, and whenever the operator asks he/she should be able to identify him/herself with any kind of ID or with the entering card. The entering card cannot be transferred to anybody. The student is obliged to report immediately the loss of the entering card at the reception, and apart from this they have to pay the price of the new card.The receptionist is obliged to deliver the key only to the contractual partner. Otherwise the tenant can ask for giving the key to someone else, whose name should be given in a written request. This request should be handed in at the reception and the director will permit it
9. Student can receive guests or relatives after filling in a form about requiring a spare bad, the guest is obliged to pay the daily fee of the spare bad, upon arrival have to fill in the registration form, and obliged to pay the whole accommodation charge in advance at the reception.
The students can receive visitors between 8 am and 12 pm, after midnight visitors have to pay the fee for staying ( 4.000 HUF )in the Hostel or visitors have to leave the building at 12 pm. The Host must always appear personally in the reception at the arrival of his guest. The Hostel gives the visitor an entering card. The host must sign the visitor’s registration paper in order to receive the magnetic card for his guest. The host has full financial and moral responsibility for the guest. If the host is not in the building or the reception can not reach him, the guest is no allowed to enter inside the building. In case the visitor looses the entering  card its cost price is obliged to be paid either by the visitor or by the student.
10. The house rules of the OEC WEST HOSTEL is obliged to be read by all tenants and accepted by signing it. The students who breach any point of the house rules are going to be call to account by the director of the Hostel and the student and the payer of the invoice will be informed later in writing. In case of breaching the house rules serially the director can initiate the terminating of the contract.
11. In the Hostel smoking is prohibited. Fire-, work- and accident protective rules and regulations is given to the student upon arrival, the students have to comply with the rules and regulations in it. It is extremely important since the sprinkler system is very sensitive. In case the student smokes somewhere where it is not allowed and it creates great costs for the Hostel, student will have to refund the whole cost. Breaching of the fire protection rules and regulations by covering or manipulating the sensor of the sprinkler system, call for apart from compensation the initiation of termination of the contract.
Those students they are smoking in the forbidden areas, the Hostel management will quit the contract with the tenant.
12. Tenants are obliged to look after their mails weekly at the reception, they are obliged to give their e-mail address and check it weekly too.
13. Tenants are obliged to pay all the telephone and other fees at the reception until the last day of each month.
14. Any kind of gambling and the usage of drugs or other illegal materials is strictly prohibited. Breaching of this rule calls for legal measures, and it call forth the termination to the contract.
15. When leaving the apartment all the lights, the taps and the electronic cooker should be turned off, all the windows should be closed and door should be locked with! It is prohibited to use any other kind of heating device apart from the heating system.
16. When using other electronic devices additional fees should be paid. The usage of these devices is to be reported at warden’s office.
17. In case of termination of the contract before the expiry date, the deposit can be given back after deducting all the compensations to cover the residual costs and anything missing from the inventory, but the Hostel is entitled for rent fee since the apartment occupied by the tenant cannot be sold during the semester.
18. The safe load of the shelves on the walls are maximum 15 kg.  The tenant has to keep this limit. The costs of the damages because of overloading the shelves are charged on the tenant.
The Hostel management doesn’t take the responsibility for any accidents or damages caused by overloading the above mentioned shelves.
19. Before moving out the tenant has to report it 2 days earlier at the reception. After moving out process, after checking the inventory and giving back the room the student is not allowed to go back to the apartment, but he/she can leave his/her luggage either at the reception or at the given place. Students have to leave their key and entering card at the reception. Moving out can be done on weekdays between 8 am and 2 pm. In case the student leaves the apartment after 2 pm the student is obliged to pay an additional daily fee and the inventory will be checked once more at the time of final leaving. The deposit can be paid back only after the final leaving of the apartment after giving back the key and the entering card after deducting current debts. The Hostel is not responsible for the personal belongings left in the apartment after moving out. The belongings left in the store room officially will be kept for 6 months. The students have to pay the price of storing the belongings at the reception when leaving. After the deadline mentioned above the student cannot make any request.
The community of the Hostel, and the stuff of the Hostel are responsible for complying with the house rules.
The rules and regulations enter into force: 1st September, 2018.
Gönczi Zsuzsanna
Managing Director
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